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Our waters are the heart of Spadel. We recognize we have a continuous responsibility towards the health of nature and of our consumers. As such we commit to being a leader in shaping a sustainable future. Discover our CSR strategy 2020 and dive into Source of Change, our packaging commitments 2025.

Building a better futureMarc du Bois

We believe that local, natural products are better for the health of our consumers and the planet. As a family business with a European dimension Spadel brands have always expressed a strong local commitment. Favouring low food miles with low ecological impact, protecting biodiversity and investing in local partnerships.

We are aware that our economic activity has a significant impact on the environment. Recognized by many as a pioneer of sustainable development in Europe, Spadel has long championed ambitious climate actions. However, new sustainability challenges appear.

With Source of Change we already launched our 2025 sustainable packaging commitments. In 2020 we will present our new CSR Strategy 2025. Yet, we can’t do it alone. We believe in co-creation, knowledge sharing and the power of the community. If you have an idea that will help us revolutionise consumer goods, then get in touch and join the Source of Change!